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The quest for enlightenment through coffee.

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mojenthe southern california contingent of legit have strong feelings about a lot of things, from politics to the proper way to merge on the 405. however, the most important thing to have feelings about is coffee. here’s some of the things we love right now.

nathan and i have been basking in  true pour over love, and our technique is steadily improving. today we picked up some of intelligentsia’s agua preta and with the help of the handy hario, made some truly delicious caffeinated goodness.

matt, however, has his aeropress and some beans ordered from thomas hammer, and swears by his super smooth substance.

my love of paper or plastik continues to grow. as i recall, they’re serving intelligentsia, which i could find other places (like, say, intelligentsia) but every cup i’ve had there has had truly excellent soy steaming– not an easy task, and one i have ranted on at length.


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