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mattbNathan and I had made a day of coffee tastings, and Brū Coffee was our afternoon destination. We lapped the neighborhood a couple times looking for parking since it was a street-cleaning day, until Nathan ran over something in the middle of the street. It could have been a downed palm-tree or a hipster on a fixed-gear, but we didn’t look back.

After ten minutes in a holding pattern, we found that Brū had parking behind their shop. I highly recommend parking in that lot should you like convenience and a close proximity to your destination.

Brū had an awesome vibe- vaulted ceilings, a lofted dining area, and plenty of tables highlighted the shop, as well as a beautiful patio that was chock full of people on laptops. The people were diverse, ranging from scarf-wearing hipsters to a girl with green hair. I even bumped into an old friend. Other than being a victim of the “no outlet” epidemic sweeping coffee shops, it would be the perfect place to study, write, or take a date.

Now to the coffee:

Brū had a beautiful La Marzocco espresso setup as well as a full station for pour-over. Nathan and I both made pour-over selections from Brū’s 4 coffee menu, which offered a variety from San Francisco roasters, Ritual. Our barista freshly ground each of our beans and did a great job with the pour, allowing time for it to blossom.

I opted for a strong Honduran roast, Las Manos. It had a thick body, and a great aroma that kept my nose in the cup for longer than normal. The defining characteristic was a mango aftertaste, preceded by a hint of chocolate. As the coffee cooled, the mango subsided as flavors of old honey pressed through. As a morning to midday coffee, I highly recommend it.

Nathan had the Los Chacones Boutique from Costa Rica. He noted it as having a light vanilla scone flavor, but having a stronger “coffee” taste than our earlier offerings of the day. The coffee cooled into some nice candy-orange tones, and provided a rich, healthy body throughout. His description of it tasting like “coffee” lead us into a conversation that I’m sure we will chat about here later.

At this point I sent the following texts to my girlfriend, leading me to believe that my caffeine intake had maxed for the day. I won’t go into details of the car throwing,  but I think you probably know what happened…


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mattbLately I’ve been obsessed with Regular Show, which had somehow slipped under my radar. Not only is it hilarious, but the protagonists spend a large amount of time in a coffee shop. In the clip below, they even harness the power of coffee to help them at work.



I’m totally Mordecai.

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MarcusAs Val Kilmer once said, in a movie of course, there are a lot of decaffeinated brands out there that are just as good as the real thing. As we set out on our mission, there came the news that, according to some schmuck, Seattle was beat out as most caffeinated city in the USA. by NYC and Chicago, apparently on the basis that they spend more for coffee. Without getting into whether that is a good measure of caffeination, I wondered, is decaf so bad?

I don’t think so. It used to be that caffeine was removed with methylene chloride (yes, that methylene chloride) which removed a lot more than caffeine and your soul. It also used to be that Americans drank mostly robusta beans, not the superior arabica. So all the coffee was @!?$! back then. Now, we have better beans and don’t use toxic organic solvents to decaffeinate.

So, is Seattle the most caffeinated city? I hope not. These days, good crema can be had 24/7 without fear of insomnia. That means we get to have our favorite dose of soothing warmth, smooth texture, and, yes, notes of chocolate and blackberry as the sun goes down, enjoying the real purpose of coffee: to heighten the senses, remind us of good people and times, and sooth our souls.

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