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mojenAccording to Caffe Vita and Rudy’s there will soon be an LA location of one of Seattle’s Three Vs. Opening up in Silverlake on 4459 Sunset Blvd, this is something all NW transplants can get excited about.

Vita and Rudy’s are planning on doing interesting things like hosting art and music events, but I’m just excited to get northwest coffee down to sunny Southern California.


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Nathandisagreed with the LA Times Overrated/Underrated blog recently on the matter of pour-over coffee.

The LA Weekly posted this pseudo-explication and criticism of ristretto shots of espresso, and I’m calling them out for it. More specifically, I’m hanging out with the baristas at Espresso Profeta making fun of it.

The major theme of the post seemed to be that ristretto, a way of making espresso where the shot has less volume and therefore a richer, fuller body, is a poorly defined thing and isn’t always the best way to make espresso.

Well, duh.

Anyone who’s spent time thinking about and tasting coffee and espresso knows that there are different ways to prepare it and that these different methods bring out different aspects of the coffee. And anyone who’s spent time thinking about and tasting coffee and espresso knows that they will like different methods more or less and that a different method may be better for a particular bean and roast than other methods. To say that ristretto is a “lame duck,” as the blog post argues, is just silly. It’s the right way to prepare some coffees; it may well be the wrong way to prepare others.

A couple other points. Charles Babinski from the Intelligentsia in Venice describes the difference between standard and ristretto in a bizarre and incorrect way, and he ought to know better. He describes it by saying that a standard espresso that tastes of chocolate, lemongrass, and cherry will come out as chocolatelemongrasscherry in ristretto, which I think is the wrong way to put it. Instead, different flavors will come out in ristretto, and often you’ll get more chocolate and caramel in ristretto. Knowing (and liking) Intelligentsia’s coffee, I suspect Babinski wouldn’t like espresso made that way, but that doesn’t make it a bad way to make it. It makes it a different way to make it.

Second, and credit goes to Choncey Langford from Espresso Profeta for pointing this out, the photo of the espresso in the story has a totally collapsed crema (that’s the foamy part on top of the espresso), which basically means the espresso has gone bad. One has to wonder how long the writer waited to taste the espresso and whether that influenced his beliefs.

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Starbucks just announced today their first light roast coffee. It was a smart move to mark the light roast as a developing trend, as I feel the clientele at Starbucks tend to be those who fit into the ritualistic category of coffee drinkers- people who drink coffee as it is something they do. How will this new/trendy roast compete against their previous selling point of “bold” coffee?

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MarcusWith today being (Inter)National Coffee Day, the likes of this guy will be offering you free coffee.

For the love of all things, please don’t do it. There is good coffee to be had, at your local cafe. Mine is the University branch of Zoka Coffee, or the Cafe Ladro in Issaquah, depending on where I happen to be.

Why go to a cafe? Indeed, why go anywhere for your coffee when you can make it at home? Because of the people. You could sit at home, or have some lousy hot brown water and a lousy, bad for you doughnut, but spare the doughnut and your heart, have a good cup of coffee to start your morning in a relaxing way, and at least say hi to your neighbors, if not actually get to know them better.

Coffee is about community. So go have a great International Coffee Day!

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mattbStarbucks has teamed up with CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund and three designers to release a limited line of apparel. While I really dig the hoodie, but I’m just not ready to pay “fashion” prices for merchant swag. Will you be getting anything from this line?

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