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The quest for enlightenment through coffee.

mattbMuch like Batman, Coffee is constantly fighting Mr Freeze thanks to a commonly accepted belief that coffee should be put in the cooler to maintain its freshness.  It works for meat. It works for veggies. Why not coffee?

Think about coffee- more specifically that expensive coffee that you are putting in your freezer (I’m assuming you didn’t put Folgers on ice). The bean itself is incredibly porous, and by putting it into your freezer, you are welcoming it to absorb the pantheon of odors/flavors that permeate your fridge. As delightful as salmon is for dinner, I don’t want my Ethiopian blend tasting like it just came out of a river.

Even if your freezer doesn’t host any aromatic threats to your coffee, you should still be cautious. Moisture alone can prove to be erosive, especially if you thaw and refreeze your coffee multiple times.

In cases of needing to store beans for an excessive amount of time, some have adopted a “one-time-only” freeze practice. As the name implies, you only freeze the beans once, and once they are defrosted, they never return to the icebox. This reduces the amount of damage that the expanding and contracting moisture can cause, and limits the amount of exterior tastes that can be absorbed.
I have never found myself with enough coffee on-hand to need to resort to this method, so instead, I keep my beans in an airtight container placed in a dry, cool location.

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