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Legit Coffee

The quest for enlightenment through coffee.

MarcusWith today being (Inter)National Coffee Day, the likes of this guy will be offering you free coffee.

For the love of all things, please don’t do it. There is good coffee to be had, at your local cafe. Mine is the University branch of Zoka Coffee, or the Cafe Ladro in Issaquah, depending on where I happen to be.

Why go to a cafe? Indeed, why go anywhere for your coffee when you can make it at home? Because of the people. You could sit at home, or have some lousy hot brown water and a lousy, bad for you doughnut, but spare the doughnut and your heart, have a good cup of coffee to start your morning in a relaxing way, and at least say hi to your neighbors, if not actually get to know them better.

Coffee is about community. So go have a great International Coffee Day!


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