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Legit Coffee

The quest for enlightenment through coffee.

MarcusAs Val Kilmer once said, in a movie of course, there are a lot of decaffeinated brands out there that are just as good as the real thing. As we set out on our mission, there came the news that, according to some schmuck, Seattle was beat out as most caffeinated city in the USA. by NYC and Chicago, apparently on the basis that they spend more for coffee. Without getting into whether that is a good measure of caffeination, I wondered, is decaf so bad?

I don’t think so. It used to be that caffeine was removed with methylene chloride (yes, that methylene chloride) which removed a lot more than caffeine and your soul. It also used to be that Americans drank mostly robusta beans, not the superior arabica. So all the coffee was @!?$! back then. Now, we have better beans and don’t use toxic organic solvents to decaffeinate.

So, is Seattle the most caffeinated city? I hope not. These days, good crema can be had 24/7 without fear of insomnia. That means we get to have our favorite dose of soothing warmth, smooth texture, and, yes, notes of chocolate and blackberry as the sun goes down, enjoying the real purpose of coffee: to heighten the senses, remind us of good people and times, and sooth our souls.


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