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Legit Coffee

The quest for enlightenment through coffee.

NathanEarlier at Espresso Profeta (near UCLA), I thought about what I was doing there. Well, trying to get some work done. I managed a bit, and perhaps even some. But why there? I ask because as one of the co-founders of this…whatever this is…I envisioned that we would talk about the espesso with the overtones of blackberry, though not the sweetness, chocolate, and a hint of dustiness. Indeed, I had that particular espresso yesterday at Intelligentsia. (It’s their Oaxaca offering, and I do recommend it.) But I was not working at Profeta because I was going to go all connoisseur on the place. Their espresso is reliable, high quality, and perhaps most important for this purpose, familiar. It’s Vivace’s Vita blend; the owners missed Seattle’s best beverage when they moved back to LA, so they imported it. As people who have reasonable claims to being from the Northwest, and especially Matt and I who don’t live there any more, I have to think that caring about coffee is due at least a little bit to our subconsciouses saying, “this is home.” I do love those chocolate notes, though. Apart from the cupping aspects (horrible term, no?), what does coffee mean to you?


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